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Don’t get ScammedEdit

There are many different types of “Spikes,” as they are commonly referred to, some being rarer than others. Spikes with the Diamond Tag may not be necessarily rarer, and most are only worth a couple of RIMs or a den Beta at most. There are some, such as the “Silver Spike” and Blackout Spike which are more popular because of their appearance. Please add a list of these “Special Spikes.”

Worth, Demand, And TipsEdit

Original "Rare" Spiked Collars - High in demand

[Needs Pictures/Worth]

Diamond Long Spiked Collar - Silver somewhat high in demand; Blackout somewhat high in demand

Diamond Short Spiked Collars

Custom Spiked Collars

Diamond Spiked Collars

Rainbow Spiked Collar

Magenta Spiked Collar

Solid Gold Spiked Collar

Ancient Spiked Collar

Spiked Spiked Collar- Not very high in demand

Worn Spiked Collar

Double Spiked Collar- Not very high in demand